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Creative look that brings together the needed experience and equipment to produce cinematographic content with the quality required for movie theaters screens. This minute film that we produced for the courier company "Estafeta" in 2015 was nominated for "Best Production Values" at the Glass Screen Festival.


Sweet Howl  is a dark story of loneliness, abuse, desire, encounter and hope.

Music Video


Make the right impression on your audience with a compelling Corporate Video. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you every step of the way to create a video that exceeds your expectations. We have a track record of creating quality videos that engage your audience and deliver results. Put our expertise to work for your business today

We love to produce bold music video recognized in several international festivals for their cinematographic quality.

3rd Place Best Mexican Metal Video 2016

Nominated Best Photography International Music Video Underground 2017

Golden Palm Award winner Mexico International Film Festival 2017


Producción de videoclip musical

The Partygoer official music video.

Production: Juan Carlos Lelo de Larrea.  Music and lyrics: Zazel. From the EP "Zazel" (2015). Mario AE: guitar; Hector NM: drums; Alejandro Pérez: bass; Daniel Lazo: voice. Mexico, MMXVI.  IMDb

Casa Productora en Ciudad de México
Music Video 2

Fiction short film shot in 2020 in Mexico City and successfully funded on Kickstarter. The short has been featured in over 10 national and international festivals and exhibitions. José Antonio Becerril won the award for Best Actor at the Pantalla de Cristal Festival for his leading role. The short also received nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, and Best Production Values at the same festival. It was co-directed by Montserrat Larqué and Juan Carlos Lelo de Larrea, and also features performances by Antonio Monroi and Marcela Morett.

Responsibilities official music video.

Direction and Photography: Juan Carlos Lelo de Larrea.  Music and lyrics: Juan Carlos & Black Hat from the EP "vol. 2" (2017).  Mexico, MMXVI.  IMDb


We have extensive experience producing tv  spots, documentaries  and television content. Our documentary VOCES DE MIXQUIC obtained a Pepe Benítez Muro mention at the 2019 Crystal Screen Festival and is  available  on Amazon Prime US and UK.



Video on the web and social media  is one of the best means to generate awareness and engagement in the audience. We make professional video productions (image and sound) to create attractive and powerful content.



We have produced several fashion videos for InStyle and ELLE Mexico.

Álvaro Obregon, CDMX

(55) 5682 2276 // (55) 6235 4310

Corporate Video // Film and TV Commercials // Fashion and Web

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