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Agencia Producción Audiovisual


Passion for light, color, movement and sound.
bit producción de medios digitales

Video production agency  at Mexico City with more than 15 years of experience solving the audiovisual communication needs of our clients. We focus on the production of:




We have a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of video production and filming, providing a strategic advantage for our clients who benefit from the cohesion and strength that our structure brings to each project.


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    Our studio is  made up of a team of communication, cinematography and design professionals, lead by Juan Carlos Lelo de Larrea.  

    We offer new and bold ideas to our clients; we work closely with them to find the best solutions for their audiovisual communication needs ; and we share with them our passion for light, color, movement, form and sound.


    We are fortunate and privileged to have the trust of important clients in Mexico and other countries like the USA, China, Brazil and the U.K., whom we have helped build successful and recognized brands, creating original and exciting audiovisual content for them.

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